The World Of Stan “Chilly” Cooks “New Life” 2   Video Bio

Stan “Chilly” Cooks

Stan “Chilly” Cooks

The World Of Stan “Chilly” Cooks

“New Life” 2


Stan “Chilly” Cooks: Lead Vocal

Tootie Malone: Background

Lucy Cooks: Background

Richard “Chinese” Williams:


Mattie Harris: Background

Cesare’ Cooks: Background

Terry Brooks



“Chez” “Everything Must Change”



Richard “Chinese” Williams “I’m Sorry”



Tommy Sellers “You Need Jesus”


All Music

Arranged and Performed by:

Stan ”Chilly” Cooks

If a lesson was learned during the life of Stan “Chilly” Cooks, it was finding out that you can’t live everyday like the weekend!

Fast living brought turmoil and many problems into Stan’s life, that he successfully masked with music.

Known as an Ultimate Entertainer, something was missing from this care-free life...GOD!

God has a way of choosing his soldiers to spread his word.  Stan was blessed to be a walking testimony to God’s Goodness and Healing powers!

After Never having a sick day in his life, Stan was stricken with illness from 2004-2007. Stan and his wife Lucy, prayed for healing with a promise to God that in exchange for healing, he would do something extraordinary for his community and the world!

Well, he was healed , and kept his promise to God!  Blessed with a TV show, Stan Created the character, “Ul’ Jankins”, the spirit of a 150 yr. Old player!

“New Life” is a Testiment to the power of God, If, you back up your promises made to God.

Highland Records
P.O. Box 759
Ashland, Alabama
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Stan Chilly Cooks "New Life" 2

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Highland Records

P.O. Box 759

Ashland, Alabama



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Stan Chilly Cooks "New Life" 2Stan Chilly Cooks "New Life" 2
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