The World Of Stan “Chilly” Cooks  “Lets Dance” 1     Video Biography

Stan “Chilly” Cooks

Stan “Chilly” Cooks

The World Of Stan “Chilly” Cooks

“Let’s Dance” 1


Stan “Chilly”Cooks : Lead Vocal

Tootie Malone: Background

Lucy Cooks: Background

Buzz: Background

Paulette: Background

Darell Kennedy: Background

Cesare’Cooks: Background

Z. Coates: Background

Angella Harrison: Background

Aziza Starr: Background


Aziza Star “Shakedown”

“Chez” “Everything Must Change”

“Eternal Boy B-Rell” “I Need Some Gas”


Tom Norton: Guitar


All Music arranged by:

Stan “Chilly” Cooks

In this fast changing world the only outlet for most folks is music!

This CD is designed for people of all ages!!

Dancing is the greatest STRESS reliever invented!

Stan “Chilly” Cooks has blended all styles of Dance Music into a “Funky” and “Happy” Album entitled,

The World of Chilly “Let’s Dance”.

With gas being such an issue, “Chilly” makes light of the situation with, “I Need Some Gas”, featuring “Eternal Boy B-Rell”. 

Also Tom Norton add a sizzling guitar Solo on top of pure funky rhythms.

Life is what you make It.

Might as well Dance your way through it.


Highland Records
P.O. Box 759
Ashland, Alabama
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Stan Chilly Cooks "Lets Dance" 1

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 Stan Chilly Cooks

”Lets Dance” 1


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Highland Records

P.O. Box 759

Ashland, Alabama


Stan Chilly Cooks

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Stan Chilly Cooks "Lets Dance" 1Stan Chilly Cooks "Lets Dance" 1
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The World Of Stan "Chilly" Cooks
Volume 1 Lets Dance