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Rockafrocka!              Video Biography

Stan “Chilly” Cooks

   Special Thanks

Go First And Foremost To God and Mom,

 for my creation and all my family support.

     And to:

Lil Stanley, Cesare, Biancaja, Jasmine and Darrell, Gabby, Diamond, Lele, Erica, Derrick, Undra, Stephanie, Melanie, Burgundy, Chance, J.R. “You ain’t ready”, and Gene I Gotcha.  Lucy, Linda and Sweet, Aubrey, Ick and Nina, Charles and Margaret, Blues City All Stars and all the rest of yall “I Got Cha.“  The Broadnax Family and Mattie, Rosco Miller, Darrell E., Poppa Rock, Robert Henderson and Rick, Linda, Ron will be back.  Grasshopper we all love you.  Lisa, Terry for your patience.

 Most of All Mr. Ben Wilson for Believing.

Highland Records
P.O. Box 759
Ashland, Alabama

Stan “Chilly” Cooks



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Stan Chilly Cooks "Rockafrocka"

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Highland Records

P.O. Box 759

Ashland, Alabama



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